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Congregations are called to care, and we are no exception. It’s part of our mission. And we take that call and mission very seriously. Our four pastors are always on call for hospital and home visits. We have some other, specific caring ministries as well. Our Stephen Ministry program extensively trains lay members of the congregation to be a Christian presence one-on-one for an extended period of time with one care-receiver. Care-receivers typically are going through transitions in their lives, such as illness or loss of a loved one, and having a weekly visit from a Stephen Minister can be saving and healing grace.

Stephen Ministers are each assigned to a day to visit hospitalized members, so that every day of the week, Monday to Friday, friends in the hospital or rehabilitation will see a friendly face. A Stephen Minister is also available after each worship service for private consultation and prayer.

Our Assistant Minister is a presence day-to-day at four retirement communities in Naples, providing connection, conversation, worship services, and prayer with church members - and with others as requested. Church members in each community keep the pastors informed about who may have fallen ill or could use an extra visit.

Baby Basics, which provides diapers for babies in need, was started by a member of NUCC, and is widely known and highly successful.

Our Board of Mission and Outreach provides nothing but caring in its many local, national, and international mission projects, both hands on and through giving to the wider denomination. We award scholarships to Collier County students and support our seminaries and seminarians.

Caring is what the church does, always and in all ways. The number of volunteers is countless. They are quietly looking out for other church members and giving their time to the many, many ministries of the church, like the Bargain Box, transporting food pantry items to their destinations, and knitting and giving away prayer shawls. And so on!