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As more members talk with us about the church's "Preserving Our Future" Endowment Campaign they like the idea that we are not asking for a gift today. This campaign is asking members to consider making a commitment now for a gift to come to the church from their estates to be paid after they are no longer living.

There are many different types of estate gifts or "planned gifts."

Bequests from estate plans are the most common vehicle for endowment giving. We are finding that parishioners have listed NUCC as a beneficiary in either their wills or certain trusts in their estate plans. Some have included a set dollar amount and others have chosen to use a percentage of whatever their eventual estate might be. Proper implementation of estate bequests will involve your attorney. Talking with us during this process can help assure that we understand your intentions and the language in your estate documents reflects them.

Non-cash gifts transferred via your estate may be a good fit for you.
Examples would include real estate, securities (public companies, private companies and mutual funds), personal property and more.

Some types of non-cash assets can be transferred simply by changing the beneficiary in the records of the relevant sponsoring organization. The most common examples would be:

  • Existing life insurance policies, no longer needed for family protection,

  • IRA assets, designate the church as a partial beneficiary.

These beneficiary designation changes can often be done fairly simply without rewriting your estate documents. However, it is always advisable to make sure your estate planning attorney is informed of your intentions and actions.

Finally, there are many types of deferred gifts where members can transfer assets to the church now, but retain lifetime income and certain tax advantages while they are still living.

When considering your endowment gift, your Endowment Committee is here to help explore various ways to make it. By talking with us up front, you can also be certain your gift is set up to do exactly what you intend for it to do. Please call us with your questions and let us help.