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God is still speaking


Did you ever consider that giving defines the essential nature of God? That giving is what God does? That explanation is one way human beings understand the mystery of the divine. When we give we are most like God and our giving celebrates our image as God’s children. 

When the writers of the Bible talk about giving there are several common themes:

Giving builds community.  Congregations are communities of sharing where people join to together to help their communities and those in need.

Giving is contagious.  When people join together to give, they inspire one another and good things happen. 

Giving is multiplication.  Goals impossible for any individual to achieve are met when people share.

Giving is life-saving.  When we give our lives are transformed by the deep truth that the only way we can save our lives is by giving.    

Giving is not just about money, but money is part of it.  The writers of the Bible never separate wealth from activity or money from the soul. What we have and what we give reflects what we believe and who we are more than any single thing. 

In the life of Naples United Church of Christ there are many opportunities to give: through our annual stewardship campaign, through special offerings, through planned giving and by working and giving in the community to help others. We urge our members to give as they are able and to support their congregation and its mission in this community and the world and the other caring organizations which make Naples a vital place to live!