“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

People give for many reasons. Giving can be an act of thanks. It can provide a sense of atonement. It can come from a desire to be closer to our fellow man and to God. Consider this… What we give reflects what we believe and who we are more than anything else.


When the writers of the Bible talk about giving there are several common themes:

Giving builds community.

Congregations are communities of sharing where people join to together to help their communities and those in need.

Giving is contagious.

When people join together to give, they inspire one another and good things happen.

Giving is multiplication.

Goals impossible for any individual to achieve are met when people share.

Giving is life-saving.

When we give, our lives are transformed by the deep truth that the only way we can save our lives is by giving.

Focus on what is in your heart and let giving be a unique expression of your identity as God’s child…

What Will You Give?

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