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God is still speaking


Thank you all so much for your support of our 2015 Stewardship effort. It has been a great year for our church and we are looking forward to another great year in 2016 for our Stewardship Campaign.

With your contributions and the support of the Bargain Box, we can continue to make a real difference with our mission partners in S.W. Florida and beyond.

We are also enhancing our Adult Education Programs, as well as supporting a growing children’s education program!

Your support will help us enjoy an outstanding Music Program that enriches our worship experience.

As you may know, we have 8.5 acres and five major buildings to maintain, insure, heat, cool, and operate. We have expenses like salaries, supplies, printing, telephone, internet, paper, mailings, and the list goes on.

Please send in your pledge cards so that we can make 2015 our best year yet.

The Stewardship Committee