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God is still speaking

Welcome Visitors

Naples United Church of Christ is united by our love for God and for one another. Our hope is to care as Jesus cared. As a congregation we affirm the freedom of the individual conscience. We honor the beautiful diversity of our world. We cherish mission partnerships in Naples and around the globe. With 5700 other United Church of Christ congregations, we embrace the idea that “God Is Still Speaking.” From the Ebenezer School in Honduras to local efforts, our gifts and volunteer hours grow the love of Jesus.

The History of The United Church of Christ unites several rich strands of Protestantism. New England Congregationalists and others seeking freedom from the constraints of traditional Christianity, united with German Reformed congregations and progressive Lutherans to form a free church made up of independent congregations in a covenant of mutual respect and shared mission.

Our tradition is one of firsts. From the arrival of the Mayflower to the movement for the abolition of slavery, to the first ordination of a woman and the first ordination of an openly Gay person, our faith tradition has led in education, the founding of social welfare agencies, and the call for social justice for all God’s children. The covenant we share with other congregations of the United Church of Christ involves us in partnership with Christians around the world. We are intentionally ecumenical and seek to build bridges between all people of good will; our intention is not to “convert.” Inclusiveness, diversity, and freedom characterize who we are and who God calls us to be.

We invite you to journey with us as a visitor.  Please know you are welcome to participate in the numerous events, classes, and workshops offered throughout the year.

Membership is open to all and we invite you to speak with one of our ministers or to call Megan at the church office (239-261-5469) or email us at for further information.