March 30

“Let love be without pretense: rejecting evil, holding on to good, exercising heart-felt affection, preferring each other in honor. Don’t let go of your enthusiasm, your spiritual energy, your desire to serve the Lord.” Romans 12:9-11

I like the way technology gives us so many ways to communicate and to manage information. I’m glad that our church and some of our groups can still gather together through Zoom, Facebook, and Livestream. It’s not the same as meeting in person, but I think about what it would be like if we did not have that technology.

At the same time, I am very old fashioned when it comes to my calendar. While everyone clicks away at their iPads, keeping track of their things “to do,” I am still in the dark ages, keeping a spiral bound weekly planner from Office Depot in which I lovingly pencil in all my appointments. At the beginning of January I thought I would be efficient and pencil in all my classes and obligations up through May. Smugly, I thought that, unlike electronics, my pencil and planner would never run out of battery power. But there was one thing I did run out of: the eraser.

Yes, at the beginning of the week I un-smugly realized that I would have to erase all of those efficiently penciled-in obligations, and open the space to those new and unanticipated adjustments that keep unfolding from day to day. For a short time I felt resentful that COVID-19 had stolen my calendar from me for the foreseeable future. Then I realized that I could look at it in a different way. The pandemic had not stolen my calendar, but cleared it so that God might do something new with me, and that I might become aware that my penciled-in routines aren’t as important as the life, health, and safety of others. As I try to remember that each day, I think I will stand a better chance of going the distance.

Stay safe, be well.

Rev. Dr. David Kaiser-Cross
Executive Minister

Prayer Focus
All of the doctors, nurses, and medical workers who are taking care of our loved ones.

God of all creation and every creature, great and small, strengthen our inner spirits for the day ahead. Establish us in your love, that Christ may live through us in every dimension. In the fullness of your grace, make us useful servants, ever growing and learning the ways of Jesus. Amen.