All Are Welcome

You may know our church by its white steeple as a Naples landmark, but it’s what’s inside that counts. A traditional church for progressive people, Naples United Church of Christ embraces all people and modes of thinking. Why? Because, God is Still Speaking. Here, Christians are welcome to discover a personal relationship with God, unencumbered by church dogma, and there are many ways to participate…. From our traditional Sunday services, which you can attend in person or livestream online, to an amazing array of social, educational and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, this a community that prays together AND plays together. Check out our upcoming events, ministries and fellowship opportunities, and expect an extravagant welcome at each and every event presented by Naples United Church of Christ.

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Music to Your Ears

With compelling sermons by talented ministers, the Sunday services are the main attraction of our church. These “extravagantly welcoming” services include the traditional elements that make church a beautiful and calming experience, from the lovely setting inside and out, to the multigenerational choir and instrumentals performed by outstanding musicians, including professionals from the Naples Philharmonic who are frequently part of the ensemble. Enjoying the message and the music is just the first step. There is so much more to Naples United Church of Christ – we meet your needs on many levels. This is a gorgeous setting for weddings and secular events, as well as our upcoming church events. Whatever you come to find, we hope what you discover it is music to your ears….

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